RF Yamamoto GT Exhaust Ver 1 (Titanium)

RF Yamamoto GT Exhaust Ver 1 (Titanium)


Brand New RF Yamamoto GT Exhaust Ver 1.

It is a self-confident work that has been finished while testing the output many times with the concept of bringing out the engine's original performance and the lacy sound concept. The main pipe 60mm diameter without a torque drop is adopted even in the low to medium speed ranges, and the straight structure without a stop in the middle, reducing the bending angle as much as possible in the limited space available, which shortens the distance to the outlet, in which outputs an amazing tone and sound. Middle Tyco has been designed to have a resonator function to minimize the booming noise unique to the S2000.

Weight front piece 1.3 kg

Rear piece 3 kg in total 4.3 kg

※ The muffler series is made to order. Usually, it will be shipped in about 30 days.

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